About Avinger / Scientific Theory

Our scientific theory is simple.

For patients, the best long-term outcomes are historically generated by devices that do as little harm as possible to the natural integrity of arterial layers during treatment.

By incorporating intravascular imaging into our products, we plan to continue proving this theory.

Plaque Removal

Plain and simple, plaque doesn't belong in arteries so we're designing products to remove it.

Medial-Adventitial Disruption

Injury to the medial-adventitial border promotes an aggressive evolutionary healing/scarring response in all humans.
We are designing products to minimize medial-adventitial disruption.

Decrease Restenosis

Presence of media and adventitia in tissue removed by directional atherectomy resulted in one-year restenosis rates of 96%. Absence of these deep wall components resulted in one-year restenosis rates of only 15%. Coincidence?

Plaque Analysis

Atherosclerosis is a complex disease and its degenerative characteristics are expressed within the plaque. Eventually, we're going to analyze it in order to understand disease morphology. Plaque analysis is another benefit of plaque removal and more information is always better than less.

No Implants

Arteries weren't designed to have implantable metal objects inside. Billions of dollars have been spent trying to develop drugs that trick our bodies to accept these metal implants. It seems simpler to just remove the plaque safely and be done
with it.


Prakash Krishnan, MD. ACC Moderated Poster Contributions Session Title: Endovascular Therapy: State of the Science I Abstract Category: 34. Vascular – Pathophysiology- Clinical Presentation: 1123-34

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