Case Studies

Dr. Arne Schwindt

Dr. Schwindt and Ocelot worked their way through severe calcium to cross this 320 mm SFA CTO.

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Dr. Danielle Bajakian

Dr. Bajakian uses an Ocelot | PIXL to navigate through a 450mm occlusion originating in the SFA.

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Dr. Gray Bennett

Visable layered structures displayed via OCT technology allows Dr. Bennett to cross a difficult 25 cm CTO.

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Dr. Huey McDaniel

Dr. McDaniel of St. Dominic uses Wildcat on a patient scheduled for amputation.

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Dr. Osama Ibrahim

Dr. Ibrahim of Community Hospital uses Wildcat after a failed crossing attempt with another device.

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Dr. Joseph Griffin

Dr. Griffin of Baton Rouge Medical Center uses Kittycat 2 on a debilitated non-surgical candidate.

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Clinical Education

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